Alheit Vineyards

Arbeidseind and Oudam

Imagine a wild open landscape, isolated, elevated, and pure. A quintessentially Cape landscape of rocky outcrops and rooibos fields, craggy mountains, and distant neighbours. This mind-blowing region is way out there in the middle of nowhere, almost 5 hours’ drive from our cellar and worth every mile.

Dry farmed old bushvines growing on red sand over red clay produce wines marked by bristling acidity and clarity of flavour, earthy minerality and natural power. Every vintage they reaffirm the extraordinary properties of this landscape. Skurfberg is now cemented as one of the Cape’s most extraordinary winegrowing areas.

We work with two farms here: The ungrafted Chenin bushvines growing at 540 m above sea-level on Arbeidseind farm produce the wine called Magnetic North. Oudam farm is close by, a little lower down at 450 m above sea-level, and produces Huilkrans. Both farms also contribute to Cartology.